All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG)

APPG & Roles

All Party Parliamentary Groups are made up of Members of Parliament from all Parties and Members of the House of Lords. They meet regularly to discuss and promote matters in which they have a specific interest or which affect their constituency.

Allan is a member of the following All Party Parliamentary Groups:

  • Aerospace
  • Armed Forces
  • Baha'i Faith
  • Cancer
  • Celtic Nations
  • Choice at the End of Life
  • Coalfield Communities
  • Fairtrade
  • Global Security and Non-Proliferation
  • Loan Charge
  • Malawi
  • Nepal
  • Public & Commercial Services (PCS) Parliamentary Group
  • Photonics and Quantum
  • Policing and Security
  • Hormone Pregnancy Tests (Primodos)
  • Racing & Bloodstock
  • Scotch Whisky
  • Scottish Sport
  • Veterans
  • Wood Panel Industry


Allan is also a Member of:

  • European Security Committee
  • SNP Foreign Office Team